Welcome to Mr. Weekend, where sustainability intertwines with tradition in every stitch. Crafted exclusively from antique, vintage, and reclaimed textiles sourced from across the globe, our garments transcend mere clothing to become cherished heirlooms.

From our Aotearoa New Zealand beachside studio in Ahipara, every detail – from design to dyeing to shipping – is meticulously attended to. Here, we honor the craftsmanship of days gone by, blending expertise with a profound respect for textile heritage.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond materials. We uphold a zero-waste ethos and carefully select fabrics for their quality and durability, ensuring no antique quilt in perfect condition goes under the scissors. Our packaging, too, reflects our eco-conscious values, crafted from biodegradable, recyclable, and recycled materials. And our labels and swing tags? They're vintage gems, chosen for their unique allure.

Investing in a Mr. Weekend garment isn't just about dressing up your wardrobe – it's about dressing up the future. Join us in our mission to trim waste, one garment at a time, one weekend at a time.