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1800’s Log Cabin Coat


This extraordinary jacket truly is an homage to the artistry and heritage of a bygone era with an early 1800s wool log cabin quilt at its heart. This quilt is a harmonious blend of timeless classics, uniting wool plaids, intricate tapestry paisleys, herringbone suiting, and luxurious velvets, all adorned in rich earth tones, deep indigos, and vibrant ruby reds.

Each meticulously stitched thread tells a tale, delicately enriched with feather embroidery. The quilt's filling has its own storied history, sourced from a farm that has gracefully endured two centuries. (Tiny remnants of straw  were found while creating this jacket and incredible to see two layers of fabrics beneath the top quilt.)

Inside, plaid flannels cocoon you in warmth, carefully hand-stitched and quilted to absolute perfection. This quilt has lived a very loved and long life. 

The jacket itself, a pinnacle of precision and sophistication, reveals its inner workings through meticulous internal and external binding, artfully hand-sewn buttonholes, and buttons lovingly reclaimed from a bygone era. Its silhouette is a nod to the classic chore coat of the early 1900’s. 

This jacket isn't just clothing; it's an ode to timeless craftsmanship and enduring style. 

This piece is undeniably extraordinary. While this quilt may bear the marks of time and wear, its original top layer is entirely backed, revealing yet another layer of fabric beneath. This deliberate choice serves to highlight the exquisite aging process of this textile, which has gracefully endured for two centuries.

Please note, this jacket has wool fabrics and it is filled with virgin wool roving for those that may be allergic. 

Measurements (laying flat and buttoned)

Pit to Pit: 63 cm, 24.5" 

Length (top of back of neck excluding collar to bottom of the hem): 72 cm, 28.5"

Shoulder Length: 18.5 cm, 7.25"

Sleeve Length: 60 cm, 23.5"

Fit: Can be worn both snug and loose. Totally depends on the vibe. 

Unisex L/XL

Please note, model Robin is 6 feet tall, size 32 and wears a size L/XL. 

Care: Spot clean or specialist dry clean only if necessary. 



This should be considered a delicate and collector’s item so please wear and treat it as such. 

This clothing item might exhibit stains, blemishes, signs of wear, or other indications of its age (over 100 yrs old).  These flaws serve as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and should be embraced with a sense of pride when worn.

From Mr. Weekend: 

Missed out on this item?  Shoot us a DM or email us and we'll gladly whip you up a custom. 

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